Local Business Directory Owner Releases Series of Free Local Marketing Videos

In a world where almost nothing is free, the owner of FindUsLocal.com, a small business directory that helps small, local business owners compete with the larger online stores and  national chains, has just announced the release of a series of YouTube videos that teach local business owners how to better market their business.

“We’re proud of the service we offer small business people,” says a spokesman from FindUsLocal. “But we want to do more. And releases these marketing videos is our way of doing that.”

So far, there are 3 online advertising videos in the group, and they’re already making a splash with viewers. There are plenty of comments talking about the insight and ideas they got just from watching the marketing videos.

For example, one person says that the marketing videos gave him a whole new perspective on how to advertise a local business. Others thank the local business directory for providing such valuable marketing insight for free.

“We’re touched by all the comments as well as the people who have reached out to us personally to thank us for the free marketing training. We plan to produce more videos because the reaction has been so strong. Stay tuned—who knows what kind of free marketing advice we’ll give in the next one?

So, what are the key takeaways in the marketing videos? Here is a brief run down.

Takeaway #1: You Need an Online Presence

Those local business owners who don’t think they need to be seen online will soon be feeling the consequences of that in their pocketbooks. The truth is, today’s culture is based on tech, and people use their portable devices to find USA businesses online. And if they’re not there? They’ll keep looking until they find a local business that is.

Takeaway #2: You Need to Local Business Listing

It’s no longer necessary to create a company website to have an online presence. In fact, most shoppers skip those websites and go directory to the free business directories. But in order to be found on one of these local directories, you must create a small business listing. To do that, simply log onto a small business directory like FindUsLocal.com and claim your business. Then you can fill in the details that will entice new customers to visit your shop or restaurant.

Takeaway #3: You Must Keep Your Small Business Listing Current

Finally, it’s important to note that you can’t simply create a local business listing and then forget about it. In order to get the most benefit from a local listing, it’s important to continually add new content to it, and the best way to do that is to persuade your customers to leave online reviews for your business. It’s not difficult. In fact, three quarters of those people surveyed say they would happily leave a review for a local business if they were asked. So get in the habit of asking and watch your sales increase!

Isn’t it nice to know that some people still believe in giving back to their community with no expectation of anything in return? The owners of FindUsLocal.com, a premier small business directory, have done just that with the release of their 3 free marketing videos. Have you seen them? If not, what are you waiting for? You just may walk away with some new local marketing insight that will change the game for you!

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