Local Business News is Mixed—Where Will Your Store Fall?

maxresdefault (1)If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve seen all the reports of the retail store closings across the nation. And along with all the national chains that are calling it quits, a lot small, local retail shops have shuttered their doors too. But not all of the experts hold a negative opinion of the future of retail. Here are surprising facts in the midst of all the bad news:

  • One study shows that a majority—75 percent in fact—of consumers say that if given the chance, they would prefer to shop in their retail stores rather than buy their products online.
  • Moody’s rated local businesses, and the report says that despite all the store closings, only about 16 percent of them are in dire straights financially. The remainder of them are “fundamentally healthy.”

What the News Means for Your Business

With the mixed reports about local businesses, it makes sense that you would do all you to ensure that you don’t fall into the 16 perfect of local shops that have to close its doors. And here’s the thing: most experts agree that if you simply make a few changes, you can ensure the success of your local business. And the biggest change you’ll have to make is how to go after new business. In other words, you will need to change the way you try to attract new customers.

Local Business Directories are the Answer

For so long, local business owners have used their local community to tell people about their business. They have spent money on ads to make sure they’re seen when people open the phone book, or take out large display ads in the local newspaper. But the sad truth is that people just don’t look to either of those places any more when they want to find USA local businesses. Instead, they log on and look online for the local shops and restaurants they want to visit.

That means unless you have an online presence, you’re missing out on an awful lot of business. And that’s where many of the problems arise. You see, up until now, an online presence was a luxury for local shop owners and many of them still think that way. But the truth is, being seen online is now a necessity for any local business that wants to thrive in today’s internet culture.

And local business directories like Find US Local offer local business owners the opportunity to have an online presence—for free.

Why Consumers Love Local Business Directories

For starters, online local business directories allow consumers to easily find US local businesses without all the hassles they encounter when trying to find them on major search engines. For example, if they were looking for a local flooring company on a large search engine they would see national chains and online flooring stores, along with a lot of articles about flooring. But when looking on a local business directory, they would only find the local flooring retailers in their community.

And in addition to this ease of use, they’ll find other cool features on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, too. Here are just a few:

  • Local News. It can be tough to find all of the local news on one website, but local business directories like FindUsLocal offers up a fresh serving of daily local news to consumers. That’s why so many of them check in at least once a day to find out what’s going on in their community.
  • Local Events. For people who like to keep up with the sporting events, music concerts and theatrical plays and other performances, local business directories are the one place they can get all the information in one place. Find US Local offers a live stream of all the events coming to a visitor’s area—along with a link where they can purchase tickets with the press of a button.
  • Reviews. Most people these days wouldn’t even think about doing business with a local shop or restaurant without first reading some reviews left by other people in the community. And local business directories are the perfect place to read those reviews. And in addition to reviews, local business directories like Find US Local allow consumers to leave comments about the business, and for the business owners to respond to them. This two way communication is a vital part of today’s marketing.
  • Details. Finally, people like to use local business directories to find all the details they need about the local businesses they want to visit. For instance, they’ll find the address and a map with directions, a phone number, reviews, and any other information the owner believes is important.

Staying current with today’s marketing trends is the best way to ensure that your local shop, service business, or restaurant will continue to serve you community for years to come. And your first step is to ensure that you have a business listing on quality local business directories like FindUsLocal.com. Why not take this important online advertising step now and find out how it can bring in new customers to your shop?


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