Local Business Owners: What To Do Now To Grow Your Local Business Sales in the New Year

It’s a new year, and for most local business owners, that means it’s time to think about how you will grow your business in the upcoming months. The past year presented a challenge to most local shops and restaurants, and that’s why it’s important to think out of the box in 2022 and beyond.

But don’t despair. Yes, times are different and it will take a change of mind to attract today’s technology-focused consumers, but the good news is that there are some pretty neat tools to help you. For instance, local business directories are the best way to bring new customers into your store.

What Are Local Business Directories?

Do you remember the days of having to pull out that heavy yellow book and thumb through it to find local businesses? Happily, those days are over, and now when shoppers want to find a local business, they pull out their phones and search for it on a local directory.

These local directories operate the same way the old Yellow Pages did, but now it’s all electronic. For instance, if you wanted to find a local restaurant, you would go to a credible local directory like FindUsLocal.com and type in the kind of restaurant you wanted to visit. In an instant, you would see a list of all those types of restaurants appear on your phone. The list would include the names, addresses, phone numbers, business hours, and more of each business, allowing you to choose the right restaurant for you.

Can your business be found on a local directory like FindUsLocal.com? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of potential new customers!

How to Ring In More Customers in the New Year

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to bring in more customers to your store, restaurant, or service business, it’s time to take action. And the best thing you can do is list your business on a local business directory. Here’s how you do it.

Step One: Find the Right Directory

Not all local business directories are the same. Some of them are nothing more than an out-of-date database that contains wrong and outdated information. Others are proactive in their business approach and make every effort to be consumer-friendly and helpful. FindUsLocal is one such local directory. It not only provides up-to-date information but also extras for consumers so they come back time and time again for their searches.

Step Two: Find Your Business on the Directory

Now that you pinpointed a trustworthy local directory, it’s time to find your business on it. The best way to do this is to use the search bar on the directory and type in your name. Additionally, you can click on the Add My Business button in the FindUsLocal business directory. Once you pull up your business, claim the listing as the owner of the business.

Step Three: Modify the Listing

When consumers find businesses on a local directory, they want to be able to trust the information that they find there. For instance, if the business has moved, they want to see the new address. The same is true with store hours—if the hours listed are wrong and the shopper visits a closed store, they may be so upset that they won’t return.

Check your listing to ensure that all of the details are correct. And if you can, add new information to the listing to tell potential customers more about your place. For instance, if you run a clothing store, talk about the brands you carry, or if you run a restaurant, talk about your most popular dish.

Step Four: Interact With the Community

Once your listing is right, it’s time to use the local business directory to interact with your community. FindUsLocal.com is the only local directory that allows both consumers and business owners to interact with each other on a live forum. Each can leave a message that will be seen by any member of the community that logs onto the directory. For instance, as the store owner, you can announce a sale or let people know when you have a new product line. Consumers can let others know about their great experience in your store or ask questions about a product or service.

Make this Year a Good One with a Free Business Listing

It’s always good to start off the New Year with great news, and we have some for you: You can create a business listing on FindUsLocal.com for free. Just think, the one thing you need to do to successfully market your local business this year won’t cost a dime. The only thing you’ll spend is about 10 minutes finding and updating your business.

Why not take a minute and do it now? After all, it will allow you to check off at least one thing on your list of resolutions for this New Year!

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