Local Business Owners: What To Do To Get Those Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

Local business owners all over the country are welcoming Christmas shoppers into their stores and happily waving at them as they walk out the door with arms full of gifts for their friends and family. If you own a local shop, are you seeing your fair share of shoppers? If not, you still have time to get those shoppers in your store before they buy their last gift. How? By making sure your shop can be found on local business directories.

What Is a Local Business Directory?

Do you remember the old Yellow Pages? Those days are long gone, but the need to find local businesses has not faded away. While people no longer turn to the big yellow book to find local shops and restaurants, they do turn to its online equivalent: local business directories.

A local business directory is a massive listing of all the local businesses in a particular area. For instance, if you live in San Francisco, California, and you wanted to find a local doughnut shop, you could go to an online local business directory and enter “doughnut shop” in the directory’s search bar. Within seconds, a listing of all the local doughnut shops would appear on the screen.

Local business directories like FindUsLocal.com don’t ask you for your zip code or city either. Instead, they “read” your location with GEO software. That means as soon as you log onto the website, it will automatically understand that you are looking for local businesses in your area.

How Do People Use Local Business Directories?

Most of the people who use local business directories do so with a mobile phone. In other words, they do as they are on the go and out and about looking for a local business just like yours. But if your business isn’t listed on that directory—or if the information there is wrong—they will likely end up walking through your competitor’s door.

For instance, if someone is out Christmas shopping and they want to purchase a bed for their pet, they would enter “pet shop” into the FindUsLocal search bar. They would see a list of all the local pet shops in their area, and they would look through the listings to choose the one they want to visit.

How Do People Choose the Local Business They Want to Visit?

You might wonder how people can possibly choose from the list of local businesses they find on a business directory with so many to choose from.  The answer is simple: It’s how much attention the business owner has put into making their business listing stand out.

For instance, those with pictures will stand out more than others. And if the business address or phone number isn’t correct, shoppers will quickly move on to the next option.

How Do I Get My Business on a Local Business Directory?

Are you convinced that your local business should be on a local business directory so shoppers can find your store? If so, we have good news: This effective form of online advertising is free to local shop owners. All you have to do is set up your local business listing.

Here is the best way to do it:

  • Make sure that your business name, address, and phone number are correct on the business listing. If they’re not, it could cause you to lose potential customers.
  • List the products you carry or exactly which types of services you offer so that shoppers know exactly what they can expect when visiting your store.
  • Ensure that you list your store hours, so consumers will know when your open and won’t waste a trip to your shop during times when you’re not open.

It’s Not Too Late To Draw In Christmas Shoppers

There are a few days of Christmas shopping left, but if you take action now and create your free local business directory listing, you can cause more of those shoppers to visit your shop. Simply go to FindUsLocal.com and click on the Add My Business button to get your local listing online.

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