Local Business Owners: Who Is Managing Your Online Presence?

If you run a local shop, restaurant, or service business, you likely do all you can to ensure that your reputation stays good in the community. You sponsor local events, talk to your customers when they come in the store, and make sure your outdoor signage is bright and gets the attention of all who walk or drive by your store.

But these days, that might not be enough.

What is an Online Presence?

What many small and local business owners don’t realize is that even if your store is smack-dab in the center of a small town, you need an online presence if you’re going to thrive in today’s retail environment. That’s because studies show that the majority of today’s shoppers go online when they want to find local businesses.

So, no matter how much attention to put into making sure your business reputation is good in the local market, it’s probably not enough. Today, you also need to ensure your online reputation is just as good.

Where Do You Secure an Online Presence?

In the past, even small businesses had to create and manage a website so people could find their shop online. But today, savvy local business owners know that most people look to online local business directories when looking a local shop to visit.

These local business directories are a large database filled with every local business in a defined area. For instance, in the city of San Antonio, Texas, a local business directory would catalog every business that operated in the city.

The thing is, local business directories don’t always have the right information about each and every business they list in their directory. For instance, if a business moves, gets a new phone number, or changes the type of food it serves, the directory may still list the old information.

Your Online Presence Is Only As Good as the Information in Your Local Business Listing

Imagine if a shopper looked at your local business listing and decided to visit your store. They used the information they found in an online local business directory and drove to the address listed on it, only to find the building empty. That’s because you moved locations a few months back, but didn’t change the information on your local business listings.

That customer now has a bad impression of your business!

How to Ensure Your Online Presence is Legit

To avoid this happening to your business, you should search out all the online business directories that list your business and ensure they all have the correct information listed on them. For instance, you can start with the more popular ones, like FindUsLocal.com, and search for your business using the search bar on the site.

Once you find your business, you can claim it as the owner and make changes to it to ensure that the information is correct. That way, you can be assured that every time a shopper finds your local business listing, they will travel to the right address, call the correct phone number, and know exactly what your store hours are.

Local Business Listings Are the New Yellow Pages

People no longer look to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Now, they go to online local business directories to find the shops, service businesses, and restaurants they want to visit. Is your business listing correct? Or will consumers find bad information on your listing that causes them to lose faith in your business?

Why not start right now by heading over to FindUsLocal.com to see if your local listing is up to date. If it’s not, it will only take about ten minutes to correct it. And then you can relax knowing that everyone who finds your local listing will get the right information—and that could turn them into a customer for life!

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