Local Businesses can Finish the Year with a Bang. Here’s How.

bangIt’s been a roller coaster ride for local business owners this year, hasn’t it? The year started off not so good for local shops as the news of a retail Armageddon traveled quickly. There were reports of store closings across the nation, and most local business owners were clinging dearly to every customer who walked through the door. But then, as the year progressed and holiday shoppers came out, things took a turn. Suddenly, people were trying to find US local businesses to shop at instead of buying online like they’ve done in years past.

In fact, this holiday season was the best on record since 2011, and local retailers saw a boom this holiday season. Commenting on a recent news release that talked about the favorable shopping season, senior vice president of marketing insights at MasterCard Sarah Quinlan said, “Overall, this year was a big win for retail.”

How Did Your Local Store Do?

How about you? Did your local shop see the major increase in sales that other local businesses did? The recent statistics show that there was an 18.1 percent increase in sales this holiday season over last year, and only 10 or 11 percent of those sales went to online stores. That means local businesses did the majority of sales this year as consumers decided to get out in their own communities and shop locally.

If you didn’t see an increase in your sales, it could be because of one simple thing: not having an online presence.

Why Do I Need an Online Presence if I Operate a Local Shop?

It seems counter-intuitive that local consumers would look online to find US local businesses, but that’s exactly what they do. And they don’t look for them on websites like they did in year’s past. Instead, they look for them on local business directories. These directories are designed to give people local results, and consumers are flocking to them everything they want to find US local businesses, restaurants, or service businesses. They’re simple to use, and people can get the results they need in seconds.

How Do I Get Listed on a Local Business Directory?

If you run a local shop, eatery, or service business, chances are that you already have local business listings on local business directories, even if you didn’t create them yourself. But the problem is that many of those local listings were created by using public data that may or may not be accurate. And if a potential buyers gets a wrong address or phone number and tries to visit your store with it, it will only frustrate them and they’ll likely end up going to your competitor.

Luckily, the process of creating an accurate local business listing is easy. Simply log onto a quality local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and claim your business. Then fill in as many correct details as you can and the consumers who find your local business via the local business listing will have all the correct information so they can easily find your shop.

Isn’t it good to know that something as simple as a local business listing on a good local business directory will help local consumers find you? Remember, the holiday shopping season isn’t yet over. Experts predict that between now and the end of the year, local business owners will see another surge in sales. Don’t let your business be left out of the upcoming sales, but ensure that buyers can find you by securing your online presence now. Just go to FindUsLocal.com and create your free local business listing and soon you’ll wonder why you’ve never used local business directories as a local marketing and advertising tactic before!

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