Local Marketing Made Easy with Local Business Directories

When it comes to local marketing, small business owners have a lot of choices. They can hire expensive online marketing experts and passively watch as he or she arranges for PPC and other online marketing tactics are put into place. Or they can stick to the old-school methods that rarely work anymore like Yellow Page ads and local newspaper advertising. Or they can do what works: creating a local business listing that brings in results.

Today’s Consumers Use Local Business Directories to Find US Local Businesses

Today’s consumers are tech savvy, and they use their phones, tablets, and laptops to find local businesses. That means if a small business owner has spent money advertising in old-school methods that business isn’t likely to be found. In fact, studies show that most people—almost 100 percent—use local business directories when looking for a local business.

How to Make Sure Your Business is Seen on a Local Business Directory

Merely creating a local business listing isn’t enough—you’ll also need to take some steps to ensure that consumers see your listing when trying to find local business. Here are some steps you should take when creating yours:

  • List your local business on a credible directory. Not all local business directories will get you the results you want. Consumers tend to visit local directories that offer more than local listings. For example, com offers local news, links to events happening in the visitor’s area, and even tweets from local business owners.
  • Provide enough information. When consumers look for local businesses on directories, they expect to find all the information they need to make a decision about whether or not to visit the store or restaurant. Include your store hours, parking irregularities, and anything else people need to know about your store.
  • Use the same information consistently. If you create more than one local business listing, be sure to add all of the information in the exact same way—otherwise it could hurt your search engine rankings. For example, if your business name is Main Street Donuts, Inc., decide whether or not to include the “Inc.” and then do it the same way on all your local business listings.

Local business directories play an important role in the prosperity of your business, but only if you approach this fruitful local marketing technique the right way. Follow the above steps to make the most of your local business listings.

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