New Statistics Show the Difficulty—and Importance of Local Marketing

Running a local business is a constantly changing endeavor, and a new study shows just how confusing it’s become for local shop, restaurant, and service businesses across the nation. The study was conducted by Capital One, and it surveyed local business owners across the nation.

We’ve decided to take apart the study and show just how free small business directories can address most of these perceived challenges.

Local Business Owners Can’t Find New Customers

41 percent of those local shop owners surveyed show that they have a hard time with local marketing because they can’t seem to find enough new customers to keep their stores running. But the solution is easy: local businesses need an online presence because 97 percent of today’s consumers look online when they want to find US local businesses.

But you don’t have to build an expensive website in order to find new customers. Instead, simply create a free small business listing and they’ll be able to find your store.

Local Business Owners Need More Cash for Local Marketing

32 percent of those surveyed say that they have a difficult time finding enough money to conduct local marketing for their business. But again, local business directories can help with that.

It costs exactly nothing to create a free local business listing, but the benefits are powerful. It will give you that all important online presence for free.

Local Business Owners Need More Local Marketing Advice

18 percent of the local business owners surveyed say they feel that they need more advice about how to conduct local marketing for their shop, restaurant, or service business. Luckily, one small business directory has addressed that issue as well. It has created 3 free local marketing videos to show local shop owners how to conduct effective local marketing. You can view the first one on the link above and the others here and here.

Overall 76 percent of those surveyed say that they face some pretty intense local marketing challenges. They perceive the growth of online marketing to be a major factor in their difficulties, but in reality, if they understood the role of free small business directories more, they would realize that online marketing is the best thing to come along for local businesses in a very long time.

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