Questions and Answers with a Local Marketing Expert

In the past few years, marketing for local businesses has changed dramatically. And because things are so different now, many local business owners have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to marketing a local business.

So we sat down with a spokesman from, an online local business directory that is leading the pack in terms of innovative features that entice consumers to visit the site time and time again, and asked him all the questions on people’s minds.

Below, you’ll find our questions and his answers. If we missed any, please leave them in the comments below and we’ll address them in future articles.

Us: What has changed in respect to marketing for local businesses?

Him: “In a word, everything. All local business owners had to do in the past was place an ad in the Yellow Pages, or take out an ad in the local newspapers, but the reality is that consumers don’t use those vehicles to find US local businesses anymore. Instead, they look online.”

Us: But why should a local business owner have an online presence? Don’t their customers come from the same town or city they’re located in?

Him: “That’s true, but even local consumers look online when they want to find local businesses. It’s just the way of the world now.”

Us: How can a local business be found online? Do they have to create an expensive website?

Him: “No, that’s not necessary anymore. Now, all a local business owner has to do is create a local business listing on a credible local business directory like We’ll take care of things like making sure the local directory shows up in search engines. In other words, we’ll do the online marketing for them.”

Us: What does a service like this cost? After all, local business owners typically don’t have a large advertising budget.

Him:  “You’re correct, and that’s we’ve made our service free to local business owners. All they need to do is claim their free local business listing and soon all those local consumers will be able to find their shop or restaurant. It really couldn’t be easier—or more affordable.”

Us: How does a business owner claim their free business listing?

Him: Simply log onto the site at, and enter their business name in the search bar. When it comes up, they should claim it which gives them access to fill in the details about their business. Business owners should fill in as many details as possible because consumers rely on them make decisions about which local businesses they will visit. They shouldn’t forget to include things like their store hours and any special menu items or products they offer.

Us: Wow, it sounds like creating a free local business listing is something that every local business should do!

Him: That’s right. Once consumers can find local businesses online, everything changes for them. They begin to see increased foot traffic, which of course leads to more sales.

If you haven’t already created your free local business listing, head on over to and get started. It will only take about 10 minutes and you could see increased customers as early as today!

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