Savvy Local Business Owners Compete for Holiday Shoppers

Local business owners across the country are doing all they can to compete for the hoard of holiday shoppers that have descended upon local areas in mass. It’s myth that all consumers shop online for their holiday gifts: many consumers still savor the idea of shopping locally to find all the gifts they will place underneath the tree.

But what many local shop owners don’t understand is that consumer behavior has changed and business owners need to change the way they appeal to shoppers for business. In short, local business directories are the new Yellow Pages, and local shop owners who can’t be found with local business listings are putting their holiday sales at risk.

What Are Local Business Directories?

In the past, when people wanted to find local businesses, they turn to the Yellow Pages or looked for advertisements in the local newspaper. But today, almost 100 percent of shoppers look online when searching for local shops, restaurants, and service businesses.

And where do they look online? On local business directories. These local directories are mass databases that include every local business within a specified area. For instance, if someone were to look for a pet store in San Antonio, Texas, they would enter the keyword “pet shop” in the search bar of a local business directory and would be presented with a list of all the pet stores in the city.

To make things even better, most credible local business directories, like, use GEO technology that automatically reads the visitor’s computer to understand where they are located. That means when a consumer logs onto the local directory, the software reads their computer and automatically shows them the results from their area.

This is only one of the reasons why shoppers love getting information about local businesses from online directories. It’s an easy to use ways to get the facts about the local shops they want to visit. Some of the other benefits consumers get from local business directories are:

  • Online reviews: Consumers look to online reviews to vet a business before visiting it. They will find these reviews when viewing local business listing in their area.
  • Local news: When someone visits, they will automatically be shown the local news and updates in their area.
  • Local weather: Shoppers can view the weather updates when visiting local business directories like
  • Comments: One of the best marketing tactics available to local business owners is the comments section on It is the only local business directory offering this feature. It allows both the business owner and shoppers to leave live comments about a business that are shown on a live feed for that area. Shoppers can leave feedback and the owner can use the feature to highlight sales, new product arrivals, or even hiring announcements.

How to Create a Local Business Listing

If you want to take advantage of the numerous benefits derived from creating a free local business listing, you will be happy to learn that the process is easy. To create your local business listing on a credible local business directory like, simply go to the site and type in the name of your business in the search bar located at the top right of the page. Next, click on the business listing once it appears in the search results.

Next, claim the business listing as the owner. Once you do, you will be permitted to alter the information found there. Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are correct. Now, it’s time to personalize the local listing so shoppers will be motivated to visit your store.

Do this by adding your store hours, the types of payment you accept, and anything else you want consumers to know about your shop. For instance, if you are creating a listing for a local restaurant, be sure to add highlights from your menu or list your most popular dishes. If you own a retail store, you can add the brands you sell or the types of products shoppers can expect to find in your store.

How to Use Your Local Business Listing

To best optimize your local business listing, you should take a couple of step. First, ask your customers to go to your local business listing and leave an online review. These positive reviews help other customers feel confident when thinking about visiting your store.

Secondly, it’s important to use the comments section to get an online conversation going about your business. You can leave comments thanking customers for their business, to announce a sale, to let the public know when you have a new product, or to make an announcement when your store is hiring.

Local Business Directories Help Your Store Increase Sales

When you set up your free local business listing, you will create an online presence so potential customers can find your store. If you take the above steps, you will give your store a great chance of allowing all those shoppers to find and visit your store!

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