Small Business Owners Want to Know: Where Can I List My Business for Free?

Local marketing has changed over the past decade—a lot. In fact, those small business owners who still use old school methods of attracting new customers like the Yellow Pages or local newspapers don’t typically get a lot of new business. But there’s good news on the horizon: free local business listing.

Where Can I List My Business for Free?

Instead of using offline marketing tactics to list your small business, you should consider listing your local business online. That’s because all trends point to the fact that today’s shoppers look online when they want to find US local businesses. They pull out their smartphones, laptops, or tablets and look for the local shops, service businesses, or restaurants that they want to visit. And if they can’t find your business online, they’ll likely visit one of your competitors.

And according to even more studies, almost 100 percent of local shoppers look for local shops and eateries on local business directories.

What is a Local Directory?

A local directory is a place where consumers can find stores, service businesses, or restaurants in their own town or city. When they use the custom search bar on the site, it provides a list of the type of business they are looking for in their area. For example, if they were looking for a bakery in Los Angeles, they would type “Los Angeles bakery” into the search bar, and the local directory would show them a list of all the bakeries in Los Angeles.

But in order to be seen on local directories, you have to have a directory listing.

What is a Business Directory Listing?

A business directory listing is a modern take on the old Yellow Page listings. It is an online listing of a local businesses that includes the name of the business, its address, phone number, and website address. Some local listings, like those at also allow business owners to include other important information like its store hours, methods of payment they accept, directions to the store, and even brands they carry or menu items.

How to Get a Free Listing on a Local Business Directory

If you want shoppers to be able to find your store or restaurant, go to and use its search bar to find your business. Then, claim that business listing as the owner, and begin filling in as many details as you can. Don’t forget to include the things shoppers will look for when deciding whether or not to visit your business.

Going Online is a No-Brainer for Local Business Owners

Running a local business in today’s tech-savvy environment requires a change in thinking if you want to be a success. And since today’s shoppers look online for local businesses, doesn’t it make sense to take the steps necessary to ensure yours can be found?

If you haven’t already set up your free local business listing, go to and do it now. Who knows? Shoppers could on there right now looking for a shop or restaurant just like yours!

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