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Don’t Be a Turkey: Bring in Black Friday Shoppers With a Local Business Directory

Black Friday is upon us, and you know what that means. Shoppers from all over the country will emerge from their homes and begin looking for that perfect Christmas gift for their friends and family. They will visit local shops all over their city or town to find those gifts. But if your business can’t be found in a local business directory, they may not find you.

But it’s not only local shops that need to have a local business listing. All those shoppers will get hungry or need a caffeine fix, so local restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and every other business that expects any kind of foot traffic on Black Friday needs to make sure all those shoppers can find them.

Do you have a local business listing in a reputable local business directory like FindUsLocal.com?

No? Let’s change that now so you can get your fair share of Black Friday shoppers.

What Is a Local Business Directory?

Do you remember a few decades ago when everyone used the Yellow Pages to find local businesses? Those were the days, weren’t they? You had to store the bulky book somewhere in your home, and then you wanted to find local shops and restaurants, you had to thumb through the book to find their address and phone number.

But then came along the internet.

People quickly grew impatient with the old school ways that people used to use to find local businesses. They were enamored of the internet and wanted to use it for all of their shopping. That quickly changed the retail landscape as people began to buy things online. And because it was so new, they bought a lot of their things online. A lot.

Then came along the shop locally movement. It reminded people of the joys of shopping from the stores and businesses in their local area. And the green movement furthered the argument. After all, if you’re worried about the environment, it only makes sense to shop locally and reduce your footprint.

But when they wanted to find local businesses online, they had trouble finding them with the large search engines. That’s because when they typed in a search term, a lot of other stuff came up in the search results that had nothing to do with local businesses. For instance, if they typed in Mexican food restaurant in Los Angeles, they might find recipes for Mexican food or national Mexican food restaurants located in other cities.

They quickly tired of the issues they had when trying to find local businesses.

Enter Local Business Directories

Soon, some pretty smart people designed a system that allowed people to find local businesses in an easier and more efficient way. They created local business directories. These directories exist for one purpose: to help shoppers find local businesses.

Here’s how they work: When a shopper goes to a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, they will find a search bar on the top right corner of the page. They will enter their search term there just like they would in any other search engine For example, they may enter Mexican food restaurant.

Please note that they won’t have to enter the city name. Why? Because quality local business directories automatically read the locations of every visitor. For instance, if the searcher was logging on from Los Angeles, the local business directory would automatically show only the results from that area.

So the search term, “Mexican food restaurant” would show a list of all the Mexican food restaurants in the Los Angeles area. And the results will change for each visitor. If a shopper logs onto the local business directory from San Antonio, Texas, for instance, they will see a list of all the Mexican food restaurants in San Antonio.

Why Creating a Local Business Listing is Crucial for Black Friday Sales

Since people no longer use the Yellow Pages to find local businesses, it’s important that your business name appears in the places they look. And today’s consumers find local businesses by going to a local business directory and looking for the shops and restaurants they want to visit.

And that means if your business isn’t listed there, you may be missing out on an awful lot of business.

And no one wants lackluster Black Friday sales.

How to Create a Local Business Listing

By this time, you may be itching to create your own local business listing. The truth is that many of your competitors probably already have one and if shoppers see their listing and none for you, guess which business they will visit?

It’s not yours.

So, let’s remedy that now and talk about how to create a local business listing.

Here are the steps you should complete. Keep in mind that it only takes about ten minutes to create a local business listing—but the benefits can last for years.

Choose the local business directory wisely

You shouldn’t just list your business is just any old local business directory. That’s because they’re not all alike. It’s important that you create your local business listing on a local business directory that has credibility with the large search engines. Otherwise, shoppers may never find your listing.

FindUsLocal.com is one such directory. It spends a lot of money getting its name out in front of the public and uses online marketing tactics to ensure the large search engines index it pages. In other words, creating your local business directory on FindUsLocal.com is a good bet.

Find your local business

Once you’ve logged onto FindUsLocal, it’s time to search for your business. The best way to do this is to click on the Add My Business button on the top right hand of the site.  Once you find it, claim it as the business owner.

List the details

Now it’s time to create your local business listing. To do it, fill in all the details about your business that will make it easy for shoppers to find you. For instance, fill in your proper business name, the correct business address, and a phone number where shoppers can reach you. Then, add any details that will help them decide to visit your business.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can add details about the types of food you serve. And if you own a retail shop, include some details about what products you offer.

Don’t forget to include important details about your store hours and the types of payments you accept.

Get the word out

After you create your local business listing, it’s time to let people know about it. Talk to your customers and tell them where to find it. And don’t forget to ask them to leave a review for your business because when you have good reviews for your business, people will be more likely to visit your business.

Pay for it

Do you know how much it costs to create a local business listing? Nothing! That’s right, you can get this effective form of online marketing for absolutely free. Isn’t it amazing that you can advertise your business in the place where most people go to find local businesses and not pay a cent?

It’s true.

Are You Ready to Make a Move?

Black Friday is right around the corner, but you still have time to create your free local business on a credible local business directory like FindUsLocal.com. Why not take the ten minutes right now and get your business’s name where people go to find local businesses?