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4 Reasons to Create a Free Local Business Listing

If you operate a local business, chances are that you are constantly on the lookout for new ways to get the word out about it. After all, the old school methods you used to count on don’t work on today’s tech-savvy consumers. For instance, when is the last time someone found your local business by using the Yellow Pages? What about an ad in the local newspaper? It’s probably been a while. And that’s why you need to learn about how a local business directory can help increase your sales.

What Is a Local Business Directory?

People who to find a local business want to do it quickly and easily. And because local business owners don’t use any of the old school marketing methods anymore, they do what comes naturally to people now: they go online to find local businesses.

And that’s where an online business directory comes in.

A local business directory is a cross between old school—the Yellow Pages—and new technology—search engines. It combines the old and the new to present the ideal solution to people who want to find a local business.

How Does a US Business Directory Work?

In the past when a shopper wanted to find a local business online, they had to use the large search engines—and that didn’t always turn out well. For instance, they would often get a disorganized mess in the search results that include a lot of things they were looking for. They might find an article about the type of business they were looking for or website addresses for national chains that weren’t even in their area.

But local US business directory innovations changed all of that. Now, when a shopper wants to find a local business, all they have to do is log on to an online business directory like FindUsLocal.com. There, they will experience an entirely new world.

First, the online business directory will automatically read their location and only show them the results from their area. That means if a shopper from Los Angeles, California types “furniture store” into the search bar, they will only see local furniture stores in their area.

No wonder almost 100 percent of local shoppers use a US business directory to find a local business.

Now that you understand the reason your local shop or restaurant should have a local business listing, let’s talk about 5 more reasons why you should create your free local business listing right now!

Your Business Needs Credibility

All businesses need credibility to reach today’s consumers, and in today’s online environment, that means they need an online presence. Even if your local business is located around the block from a shopper, they will still insist that they can find you online. Why? Because our culture demands it.

And when you list your business on an online business directory, you will gain that all-important credibility.

Shoppers Need the Details

Since consumers don’t rely on the Yellow Pages anymore, they need to find certain details about businesses so they can decide whether or not to visit them. For instance, they need business addresses, business phone numbers, hours of operation, the types of payments it takes, and more. And a US business directory is the perfect place to find all of those details.

When you create your free local business listing, you will have a chance to fill in all of these details so that shoppers can get the information they need. You can choose to include as much or as little as you want. But keep in mind that when people want to find a local business, they want as many details as they can find!

Today’s Consumers Demand Business Reviews

In the past, people relied on personal recommendations from friends and family when they wanted to find a local business. But today’s consumers prefer to read a lot of online business reviews. In fact, many of today’s consumers wouldn’t dream of visiting a local business without first reading a few online business reviews about it.

After all, would you want to go to a new restaurant or a clothing shop without first reading about other’s experiences at the store? If you’re like most people, the answer is no.

And when you create your business listing, you will have the opportunity to send your customers to your business listing to leave those reviews. And don’t worry about it being difficult. Studies show that most people are happy to leave online business reviews if asked. That’s why so many local shops and restaurants ask their customers to leave online reviews for them on their local business listing.

Communication is Key

It’s always a great idea to communicate with the locals in your area, and one local  US business directory—FindUsLocal.com—offers a unique way to do that. They have a comments section that allows both local business owners and their customers to leave live comments on the site.

Here’s who it works: attached to every local business listing is the ability to leave live comments. These comments appear on the home page of the area where the business is located. For instance, if a Mexican food restaurant is located in San Antonio, Texas and leaves a live comment, every visitor that logs on from San Antonio, Texas would see the comment in a live stream.

Local business owners can leave comments about flash sales they’re having, special products in stock, employment notices, holiday hours, and anything else the local population needs to know.

But this special feature goes both ways. It also allows local residents to leave live comments about the business. It can leave a comment that compliments an employee at the business, leave a comment about the great find they found during a sale, or leave one asking the business owner to carry a certain brand or product.

The possibilities are truly endless.

So, How Do I Get My Free Local Business Listing?

Once you understand the marketing power of a US business directory, it makes sense to set up yours as soon as possible. After all, if today’s consumers want to find a local business on a local business directory, it pays to have yours listed there. Otherwise, they will find your competitor’s business and visit it instead.

If you want shoppers to find your local business on a US business directory, you’ll be happy to know that it’s quick and easy. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Go to FindUsLocal.com and click on the Add My Business button on the top right-hand corner.
  •  Once your business appears, claim it as the owner so you can make changes to the business listing
  •  Now, add as many details as you can so that shoppers will have all of the information they need to find your business. And if you can, add some extra details. The more shoppers know about your business, the more likely they will be to visit your shop or restaurant.
  • Finally, it’s time to get the word out about your listing in the business directory. Do this by asking your customers to leave a review on the site. Also, let them know that you will be making announcements via the live comments section. This will get them in the habit of visiting your listing.

Are You Ready to Create Your Local Business Listing?

It’s time to take your local business to the next level, and one of the best ways you can do that is to create a free listing on a local US business directory. Don’t be the local business owner who sticks to the old school ways and misses out on a lot of new business.

Instead, set up your listing on FindUsLocal.com now. Soon, the shoppers who want to find a local business will see your business, and who knows, it could result in a lot of new customers walking through your door!