The Benefits of Online Business Listings During the Holiday Shopping Season

If you own a retail shop in a local community, you’re probably looking for anything and everything that will get your business in front of the shopper’s eyes. In fact, if you use the methods of the past, you have likely run ads in newspapers, put signs up in front of your business, and asked customers to help spread the word about your offerings. But have you set up your free online business listing?

What is a Free Business Listing and How Will It Get Holiday Shoppers in My Door?

Great question! Since most customers look online to find the local businesses they want to visit, some very smart people decided to put together an online directory to help people find those local businesses. They are called local business directories. They operate much the same as the old-school Yellow Pages did back in the day.

The reason it’s important that your business is listed in one of these local business directories, such as, is that almost all of today’s consumers use them when they want to find a local business. This is the process that most of the use:

  • They decide they want to find a particular type of local store, say a pet store.
  • They open a local business directory, such as
  • They are automatically diverted to a page that shows the results from their area. The best local directories use GEO technology to align consumer locations with those results.
  • They enter the type of business they are looking for into the search bar. In this instance, they would enter the phrase “pet store.”
  • They automatically see a list of all the pet stores in their local area.

Those business owners who understand the importance of local search with today’s consumers will have already claimed their business listing and updated it to include all of the details that would make shoppers want to visit their store. For instance, savvy local shop owners know they should ensure their address, phone number, store hours, and website information is accurate. (There is no faster way to lose a potential customer than posting incorrect store hours and causing them to waste a trip!)

As the business owner, you can also use the comment section, which is a live feed that appears on the home page (exclusive to!) to announce Christmas sales, new product offerings, or to send holiday messages to those in your community.

What Else Will a Local Business Directory Do for My Shop or Restaurant?

The benefits of appearing on quality local business directories are endless. In addition to attracting Christmas shoppers to your store, here are some of the other benefits you’ll get from this one simple step:

  • It gives you an online edge. How many of your competitors have updated their local business listings? If they haven’t, updating and maintaining yours will give you an online edge in your community. It’s estimated that half of all people searching for businesses on their phones are looking for local shops.
  • It provides local SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to appearing in the search engines when consumers try to find businesses like yours. It takes a lot of know-how and money to rank high in SEO. But reputable local business directories do all they can to cause their listings to rank high and get the listings in front of consumers. By claiming your free local listing, you will benefit from the marketing dollars spent by the local directory and achieve that high SEO for your target keywords.
  • Branding. As a local business owner, you likely have a logo or other identifying marks that attribute to your branding. But marketing for brand visibility can be expensive. Not with local business directories. You can upload your logo to your free business listing and expand your brand without having to pay advertising dollars.
  • Reviews. Reviews have become one of the most important things to consumers when looking for local businesses, but most small shops and restaurants don’t have a place for customers to leave those all-important reviews. But when your shop is listed on a local business directory, you will have a place to send customers to leave the reviews.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Christmas Crowd?

If you haven’t already, isn’t it time to grab your free local business listing before all of the Christmas shoppers are gone? Luckily, it’s easy and you can set it up in about five minutes. Simply head on over to and claim your business. Then, fill in the right information and watch as more and more shoppers find their way to your store!

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