What are the Differences Between Online Reviews and Comments?


woman-computerMany local business owners have discovered the benefits of having their business listed on local business directories, but there is one feature on sites like FindUsLocal.com that some don’t know about: That is a comments section.

People are used to leaving online reviews for local businesses, and while those reviews are vital for a successful business, the comments section also has its benefits. For example, here are some of the ways leaving a comment for a local business can help it:

  • You can add details the local business listing doesn’t include. For example, if the parking for the business is tricky and you have a tip about finding it or using it, you can leave the information in the comments section so other members of the community can see the information.
  • Not all sales are advertised, and if you discover one in a local shop, you can leave information about it in the comments section. And unlike the review section, local business owners can also leave comments about upcoming sales or events in their store so it’s good to watch them.
  • The major search engines love it when websites add new and fresh content, and in order to reward them for it, they give it a boost in the search engine rankings. That means every time you leave a comment for a local business, you make it more likely that the business will be found by other consumers who are looking for a similar business.

Where to Find the Comments Section

As you can see, the comments section on local business listings are one of the most helpful features that have come around in a long time. But here’s the catch: not all local business directories offer the unique ability to leave comments for the local businesses that you shop at. In fact, we only know of one important that does: FindUsLocal.com.

This cutting edge local business directory goes beyond the norm in many areas, and offering a comments section is just one of the ways it tries to make things better for both local business owners and the people who shop at them.  If you want to help a local business gain traction in the search engine rankings, or want to give other consumers a heads up about the business, leaving a comment is the best way to do it.

How to Leave Comments for a Local Business

Okay, you’re convinced that the comments section on local business directories like FindUsLocal.com is the smartest way to interact with the local shops and other consumers in your community. Now it’s time to take the steps to get your voice heard in your community. Here is the simple process you’ll need to follow in order to leave a comment for a local business.

  • Visit FindUsLocal.com, the local business directory that created this useful tool.
  • Next, find the type of local business you want by either clicking on one of the five categories across the top of the home page, or by entering the keywords into the local business directory’s search bar. For example, if you’re looking for an auto repair shop, type in those words or simply type in the name of a business.
  • You will see a listing of all the businesses in your area that match your search. For instance, if you typed in “auto repair” you will see the auto mechanics in your local area.
  • Click on the business listing you want, and then check the details in the local business listing. Look for the name, address, and phone number, and look at any reviews that have been left by other people.
  • Scroll down the page and look for the map to make sure the business is in the right area.
  • Just underneath the map, you’ll find the comments section. Here, you can write any helpful comment you want about the business. You can use it to describe your experience at the business, or give other community members some insight about how to best deal with it. To write your comment, hit “Submit a comment” and you will be prompted enter your name and email address. It’s important to remember that FindUsLocal.com will never use your email address for marketing purposes and they will not sell it to other people. Your name will show up beside your comment.
  • Now that you have access to the comments section, it’s time to write your comment. Focus on being helpful to those who will read it, and keep it short and to the point.

Now, if you return to the home page of the local business directory and look in the “Recent Local Business Comments” section, you will even see your comment showing up there, along with other recent comments of other consumers and local business owners in your area. Can you see how this seemingly simple feature can change the way people interact with each other and the local business owners in their community? Why not head over to FindUsLocal.com right now and look for businesses you can comment on? Also here is an article about 10 Reasons Why Local Business Directories are Important for Local Business Success.

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