What Do Reduced Black Friday Sales Mean for Local Business Owners?

If you’ve seen the news, you would think the sky is falling as far as Black Friday sales. But if you look a little closer, you might find something you didn’t expect. While it’s true that the notorious holiday’s sales were down, a closer look spells out some good news for physical and local retailers.

First, the Facts

Before we tell you why the trends are looking up for local businesses, let’s take a look at the cold, hard facts as far as Black Friday retail sales.

  • Total retail sales fell by 28.3 percent
  • Total retail store traffic fell by 21.7 percent
  • Foot traffic at local stores fell by 17.6 percent on Saturday, November 27
  • Foot traffic at local stores fell by 8.1 percent on Sunday, November 28
  • Online sales dipped 1.1 percent for the first time ever

Why Are These Reports Good News for Local Business Owners?

It’s no surprise that retail sales went down this year. The pandemic, supply shortages, and forced local business closings all contribute to the decline in shoppers. Many shoppers stayed home out of fear, while others lost their jobs because their place of employment is shut down because of a local lockdown.  

But in 2020, it was a lot worse.

In fact, when you look at the numbers from Black Friday 2021, you will find that shoppers who went to local shops and businesses were up by 47.5 percent from last year. And foot traffic for the entire Black Friday weekend was up an impressive 34.2 percent.

What Does It All Mean?

Shoppers want to return to their local stores during this holiday season, but there are still some lingering fears, and in some cities, the physical impossibility of getting there because the store is closed. But overall, shoppers are indicating that they’re ready to get back to their local shops and businesses to buy for the upcoming Christmas season.

Another reason for the decline in foot traffic is a change in consumer spending. In the past, shoppers saved most of their shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but according to experts, today’s shoppers look for deals beginning in October. And retailers have not disappointed them.

The pandemic not only changed the way people shop but because of business limitations, many retail shops began offering deals and discounts earlier than they usually do. And that contributed to the decline in sales for the notorious shopping days. Many brick-and-mortar stores have seen an increase in foot traffic beginning in October and continuing until now.

How to Attract Christmas Shoppers to Your Local Business

With the news that local shoppers are out again and ready to visit their local stores, it’s more important than ever to make sure they can find yours. But old-school methods won’t get the attention of today’s shoppers.

When people want to find local businesses, they typically turn to one place: online local business directories. These local directories act as modern-day Yellow Pages and make it easy for locals to find the shops and businesses they want.

For instance, if a consumer wanted to find a gift store, they would simply log onto a local business directory like FindUsLocal.com and type “gift store” into the search bar. They would instantly see a list of all the gift stores in their local area.

Next, they could look at the listings, and based on what information is listed on them, they would decide which one to visit.

Can Holiday Shoppers Find Your Local Shop?

If you haven’t yet listed your shop on a local business directory, what are you waiting for? It’s the number one way people find local businesses in your area, and let’s face it, if your shop isn’t listed, how will they find you?

It’s easy to do. Simply go to FindUsLocal.com and hit the Add My Business button at the top right of the page. Fill in the required information, and soon, your business will appear alongside others in your community. But hurry because the Christmas shoppers are out in droves!

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