What is a Free Business Directory—and How Can It Get Your Local Business Ranked?

Running a small, local business is nothing like it used to be. If you think back to just 10 years ago, you could still rely on offline marketing techniques like taking out a page in the Yellow Pages, running ads n the local newspaper, or making sure local customers had your printed coupons to tempt them to visit your store.

But these days, consumers bypass all those old school marketing techniques and instead look online when they want find US local businesses.

But what if you don’t have an online presence? Chances are, most of your competitors do and when consumers want to “find local businesses near me,” they’ll end up visiting their store.

Luckily, being found on the internet, isn’t all that difficult, and you don’t have to build an expensive website to do it. That’s because small business directories are the new online Yellow Pages, and their information is listed in digital format.

In other words, when people want information about local, small businesses they go to free business directories.

What is an Online Business Directory Website?

A free business directory USA is a special search engine that is designed to help consumers find local businesses near them. It operates just like a large search engine on the internet, but instead of including a lot of national chains, articles about the topic and other irrelevant websites in the listings, a free business directory only shows you the local stores in your area related to your search.

For example, if you search for a seafood restaurant in Los Angeles, California, you would only see the business names, addresses and phone numbers for local sea food restaurants. The same holds true when you search for local stores and services businesses. Want to find a plumber in San Antonio, Texas? Use free online business listings to find them. Need a dress shop for that perfect dress? Free business directories are you answer.

How to Create Free Online Business Listings for Your Local Business

If you want to be found online by all those local shoppers looking for a business just like yours, don’t worry. You won’t have to spend hours on the project, or a lot of money. In fact, quality business directories like FindUsLocal.com are free and you can create your local business listing in under 10 minutes.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Learn the difference between online databases and true local business directories. Not all business directories are the same, and in order to be the most benefits from listing on one, you need to make sure you choose the right ones. Look for a small business directory that offers more to consumers than just a database of outdated local listings. For example, FindUsLocal offers local news, a live stream of upcoming events, and the opportunity for both consumers and business owners to leave live comments on a local business listings. Sites like these keep shoppers come back time and time to the site to find local businesses.
  • Pay attention to the details in your free local listing. When you create your free small business listing, pay attention to the details and ensure that you enter them exactly the same on each and every business listing. If you don’t, it will confuse the search engine spiders and some of the local citations you create won’t be attributed to your business. In short, enter your business name, address, phone number, and website URL exactly the same on all the free small business listings you create.
  • Drive people to your local listing by adding new content. When you drive people to your local business listing, it makes the search engine spiders sit up and take notice—and that results in a higher search engine ranking. You can drive people to your local listing by asking them to leave reviews, or communicating with your community directly by leaving live comments on your business listing. The more you interact with your community, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Free business directories are not only the best way to increase your search engine rankings, but they’re also a great way to digitally interact with the shoppers in your community. If you haven’t already created yours, why not head over to FindUsLocal.com now, and spend 10 minutes designing your free business listing?

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