What’s So Great About Local Business Directories?

As more and more local business owners look for ways to get the attention of consumers, one topic comes up over and over in the conversation: local business directories. And while a lot of people understand that it’s important for any small and local business to have a local business listing, the extent of the knowledge typically ends there.

But it is important knowledge. In fact, understanding why and how to use local business directories could mean the difference between a small business that does just okay to one that is killing it in sales.

Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s Define Local Business Directories

Before we tell you about all the benefits you’ll get from using a local business directory, let’s talk about what it is on a basic level. A local business directory is a large database that is organized into types of businesses. For instance, you can search the directory for very specific types of businesses. You can search for a seafood restaurant, a car mechanic, or even a ballet teacher.

And to make things even better, you can conduct those searches in your local area. That’s because the local business directories are all programmed to give you the results you need in your area. How does this work? Imagine that you are looking for a hair salon in San Francisco, California. You would go to a local directory like FindUsLocal.com and type “hair salon” into the search engine bar on the website. Then, just like magic, a long list of all the hair salons in your area would appear on the page.

Local business directories use GEO technology to understand where a visitor is located so that it can show a relevant list of businesses in their area.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now that you understand how it works, let’s talk about why it’s so important that your local business can be found on one.

Let’s Start With the Obvious: Finding Local Businesses

New data suggests that almost 100 percent of consumers who look for local businesses do so on local business directories. That means if you want to be found, your business must not only appear in the results list, but the information provided there must be correct. For instance, if you have not claimed and updated your business listing on FindUsLocal and a consumer finds you there, they could get a wrong address, phone number, store hours, or other important information.

Boost Your SEO Ranking

The internet runs on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it can be very difficult for local business owners to optimize their websites in a way that they will appear high in the search engine results. That’s because they are competing with large companies that have a huge marketing budget.

But listing your business on a local business directory will give you an edge. You see, local business directories optimize their sites for tons of keywords – and they likely are the same keywords you use to optimize your site. But local directories have larger budgets and more time to dedicate to ensuring that their sites rank high in the search engine results.

So, by listing your say, carpet cleaning business, the local directory would have already optimized that keyword which means your local business listing will likely rank higher than your website. In other words, creating a free local business listing will ensure that your business appears high in the search engine results even if you don’t have a large marketing budget to do it yourself.

Get Those All-Important Reviews

Another great benefit of creating a listing on a local business directory is that your customers will have a place to leave all those positive online reviews. Today’s consumers don’t like to try a new restaurant, service business, or shop without first reading online reviews from people who have visited the business. But many local business owners don’t have a website that can allow those types of reviews.

Creating an online business listing creates such a space. When customers want to leave a review, you can simply point them to your online business listing where they can sing the praises of your business!

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of a Local Business Directory?

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, why not hop over to FindUsLocal.com right now and create your local business listing? Who knows? You could have new customers before the end of the day as a result of it!

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