What’s the Big Deal About Online Business Directories?

Small business owners across the nation are struggling as the lockdowns and fear have prevented people from visiting their local stores. But lately, as more and more cities and towns open up for business, small shop owners face another dilemma: They don’t have the advertising budgets they did before the lockdowns.

“We’re seeing it quite often,” says the owner of FindUsLocal, a local business directory that offers fast and extensive results for consumers looking for local business information. “Small business owners are thrilled to be able to open their doors, but they have lost the ability to spend a lot of advertising dollars to remind consumers where they are.” He continues, “That’s why we want to get the word out about the help we can offer.”

He says that business owners can go to FindUsLocal.com and claim their business’ page and then fill in the details consumers look for when deciding which local business they will visit. “Consumers want to know store hours, what products or menus are being offered during scaled back business operations, and look for reviews from past customers. We give all of that for free to business owners who use our site.”

As people react to COVID, it’s more important than ever to offer consumers a way to find information about your business without having to talk to someone else. “Right now,” he says, “people want a fast and easy way to get the information they need. Those small shops that make use of local business directories will likely pull in more business than those who don’t because they are giving consumers exactly what they need during these difficult times.”

What’s the Big Deal About Online Business Directories?

If you own a small business, you’ve been through the wringer these past few months. With the lockdowns and people afraid to go out in public, chances are that your business has suffered a loss of income. But have you noticed something lately? People are going out again, and that makes the perfect time to set up your free listing on a quality local business directory.

But before we get into the specifics, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Why Is This Important?

Before the internet become the biggest part of our lives, the only way people could find out about local businesses was to talk to their friends and family or go visit them in person to see what the business was like.

But now that the internet is a huge part of our lives, a full 79 percent of people look into a business before even thinking about going there in person. And we believe that number has increased since COVID came on the scene.

That’s why it’s so important that every local business owner takes the time to ensure their business can be found online. And where do most consumers search for a shop in their city or town? On local business directories.

What is a Local Business Directory?

A local business directory is the modern version of the old Yellow Pages. But with local directories, people don’t have to lug around a bulky book and try and figure out which category each business chose to run their ads.

Instead, today people go to online local business directories to search for the businesses they want to visit. An online business directory offers consumers all the information they could ever need about a local business. For instance, they can find the hours of operation, the directions for the shop, and even what products or services it sells.

Who Benefits from Local Business Directories?

If you own a retail store, a local service business, or a restaurant, you need a small business local business listing. Why? Because, frankly, it’s the way consumers will find your business. And if they can’t find you online, chances are, they will never walk through your door.

How to Do I Find a List of Local Businesses?

Whether you’re a store owner or a consumer, you need to find the local businesses in your community that you want to do business with. And the best way to do that is to use a free local business directory.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Free Local Business Listing?

Small businesses have taken a hit lately, and many don’t have the advertising budget that they used to. That’s why so many are thinking about how they can get the word out about their business without spending a lot of money.

When you use credible (and effective!) local business directories like FindUsLocal.com, you won’t pay a dime to advertise your business. But as you’re probably aware, many local business directories are free. So why should you use FindUsLocal.com?

Let us count the ways:

  • GEO-location technology: When a visitor arrives at our home page, our technology automatically reads their location and that reflects on every page they see. For instance, if someone from Austin, Texas logged onto our site, every page they navigated to would include information from that area.
  • Local news: We offer all visitors a snapshot of the local news in their area. This saves them a trip to another website—and keeps them coming back time and time again.
  • Local weather: Everyone wants to check the weather, and consumers can now look for local businesses and get the latest weather updates all on the same page!
  • Funny and thoughtful mini-content. To keep things interesting, FindUsL.com offers funny sayings and motivational snippets, which causes our site to stand out in the minds of consumers.
  • Reviews: No one wants to go to a local business without first reading the reviews of those who have gone before them, and a local business listing provides you a place for your customers to leave those reviews.
  • Interaction: Finally—and you won’t find this on any other free business directory—FindUSLocal.com allows both the business owner and its customers with a platform to talk about sales, experiences in the store, new inventory, job openings, and anything on their minds. And the comments will show up as a live feed on the local page for that city. Talk about free advertising!

Grab Your Free Business Listing Now

Are you convinced that you need a local business directory listing, especially in these times? Luckily, getting your listing is easy. Just go to FindUsLocal.com and search for your business. Then, claim it as the owner and fill in all the information customers will want to know about your business.

Sometimes, too good to be true is for real!

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