Why Customer Reviews are Important for Your Free Local Business Listing

Most small business owners understand the importance of creating free local business listings so that new customers can find your local business. That’s because today’s shoppers don’t look in traditional places anymore—like the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper—but instead today’s savvy consumers look online when trying to find a local US business.

And that’s why small business owners across the US are going to credible local business directories like FindUsLocal.com and creating their own business listing. These listings provide shoppers with all the information they need to find the business such as the address, directions to the shop or restaurant, a business phone number, store hours, and anything else they need to make a decision about whether or not to visit it.

But the number one thing shoppers want to see on a local business listing is plenty of positive online reviews.

What are Online Reviews?

Many people think online reviews are only for businesses that operate online, like online stores or even nationwide chains that are spread across the country. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s shoppers use online reviews for even local businesses that are located around the block. Online reviews allow shoppers to read the details they want to know about a local business from people who have already visited it.

And online reviews are important. One study shows that more than 70 percent of people trust them more than they trust a personal recommendations from a friend or family member.

So, if online reviews are so important for your local business listing, how do you convince your customers to leave them? Follow the 3 tips below for success:

  • Just ask them. Many small business owners think customers will be inconvenienced or unhappy when asked to leave an online review, but studies show just the opposite. More than half of them say that if they are asked to leave a review, they will be happy to do it.
  • Set up a system. Don’t approach the task in a scattered way, but instead incorporate a system so that every customer is asked to leave an online review. You can train your employees to ask shoppers to leave a review as they’re checking out to ensure that everyone who makes a purchase is asked the important question.
  • Put it in writing. Finally, people have short memories, so to increase the odds of a customer remembering to leave a review, back up the request in writing. For example, after you ask them at the cashier station, print it again on the receipt and have the cashier point it out to them.

Online reviews are an important aspect of the success of your free local business listing. But your first step is setting up your local listing so people have a place to leave those online reviews. Go to FindUsLocal.com, set up your free local business listing, and then start driving your customers there to leave those online reviews.

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