Why Local Business Directories Should Be the Foundation of Your Marketing Campaign

If you run a local shop, service business, or restaurant, you’re probably very aware of the increased challenges of that in today’s tech culture. After all, most shoppers try to find local businesses on the go instead of planning their shopping trips at home before they leave. That means they do it on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops as they’re out driving in the city.

So what does that mean for those small business owners who can’t be found online? It’s simple: if the customers can’t find your store, they won’t visit it and buy from you.

The Answer: Local Business Directories

Luckily, it’s not difficult these days to get an online presence. In the past, you had to create a website, which could cost thousands of dollars. You had to buy the domain, set up hosting, and then pay someone to create a website that was appealing to consumers. But these days, shoppers don’t look for company websites—instead they streamline the process of finding local businesses by going to a local business directory and getting all the information they need in one place.

Why Do Shoppers Use Local Business Directories?

The main reason shoppers use local business directories to find local businesses is the simplicity of using them. When someone tries to find a local business on the major search engines, the results are always mixed with irrelevant results such as articles about the topics and online chains and stores.

But when they use local business directories, they only get local stores from their area in the results. Here’s an example: when a shopper looks for a furniture store on a business directory in Los Angeles, California, the local business directory will automatically “read” the shoppers location, and after they have entered “furniture store” in the site’s search bar, only furniture stores in Los Angeles will show up in the results.

It’s the new, better method of finding local businesses.

How Can I Ensure My Business Will Show Up in Local Business Directories?

Great question, and luckily the answer is simple. To make sure shoppers can find your business online, all you have to do is go to a credible local business directory like FindUsLocal.com, enter your store’s name in the site’s search bar, and then wait for it to come up in the results.

Next, claim the business listing as the owner, and then fill in all of the necessary details such as the correct business name, address, phone number, store hours, methods of payment, brands sold, and anything else you think potential customers needs to know.

Being listed on local business directories is one of the smartest things you can do for your business if you want to attract new customers to your store, service business, or restaurant. If you haven’t already, why not take ten minutes and head on over to FindUsLocal.com right now? Your new local business listing could be set up before the next shoppers begins the search for a business like yours!

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