Why Local Business Owners Need to Think Differently to Attract New Customers

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANvAAAAJDI4ODBmNDQzLWEyZDMtNGUwOS05MDc3LTExYmIzNzIzMTAxYQWith all the talk about the retail store closings that are hitting local communities across the nation, it’s easy to become discouraged. But not everyone agrees that all is lost when it comes to local business. For instance, Joseph Hancock, a professor at the Drexel University Westphal Collage of Media Art and Design says he doesn’t believe retail is dead. But he does believe that local shop owners need to think differently. “Retailers really need to think outside the box on how they want to appeal to customers,” he says.

And the main way to do that? With local business directories like FindUsLocal.

What are Local Business Directories and How can They Bring in New Business?

Times have changed and local retailers need to take a hard look at how they reach out to new customers. In the past, it was enough to place an ad in the local newspaper or pay for an expensive phone book ad. But today’s consumers don’t look in either of those places when they want to find USA businesses. Instead, they look online.

But until recently, that’s been a problem for many local business owners because they don’t have a website or any other place where today’s internet savvy customers can find them. Let’s face, people today look to their cell phones or laptops when they want to find USA local businesses. But if a local business owner doesn’t have a website, how will they bring in the business? Local business directories, that’s how.

A local business directory is like a special search engine that people use when they want to find US local businesses. They simply type a keyword into the local directory’s search bar and they will see the results from their local area. For instance, if someone were looking for a coffee shop in Seattle, they would type “coffee shop” into the FindUsLocal search engine and they would see a list of every coffee shop in the city. The ease of use is why so many people have turned to local business directories when they want to find USA local businesses.

4 Additional Reasons People Love Local Business Directories

If the fact that local business directories are where people go when trying to find US local businesses, we’ve put together this brief list of other benefits people get from using them. Here are 4 additional reasons why your customers love—and use—local business directories.

  • GEO Location Technology. These days, people want things to be easy, and local business directories that are easy to use are the first place people look when trying to find local businesses. And directories like FindUsLocal.com make it even easier. They use GEO location technology and that means when a person logs onto the site they will see a customized home page that only shows things from their local city or town. In other words, every person who visits the site sees a home page uniquely designed for them.
  • Events Happening in Their Area. Everyone wants to know what’s going on their community, and that includes the concerts, theatre events and sports games coming to town. But getting that information isn’t always easy. Unless of course, they go to a local business directory like Find US Local. This local directory shows visitors the events coming to their area on their customized home page. What makes this even better for consumers is that the local directory includes a link beside each event that leads them a page where they can purchase tickets.
  • Local Reviews. Online reviews are playing a more and more important role in how people chose the local businesses they visit. In fact, recent studies show that people trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. And local business directories like Find US local allow people to leave reviews for the businesses they’ve visited in their area.
  • Customer Interaction. Finally, today’s consumers want to interact with the local businesss they buy from, and most of that interaction happens online. But that can be a problem for local businesses that don’t have an online presence. Unless of course, you have a business listing on a quality local business directory. Find Us Local has a feature called the Comments Section, where customers can leave comments that you can respond to or you can use the section to announce sales, new products, or anything else you want the local community to know about.

As you can see, local business directories play an important role in the development and growth of local businesses. If you haven’t already claimed your local business listing on Find Us Local, what are you waiting for? Once you list your business, you’ll reap all of the benefits that come from being seen on quality local business directories.

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