Donate a Car

A Few Tips to Help You Donate A Car

Use this page to find resources in Redwood Estates CA to help you donate a car. Perhaps you want to donate a car instead of selling or trading it. Car donations provide a way to contribute to your favorite charity, but also enable you to deduct your donation on your tax return. This auto donation deduction might even be worth more (when considering the tax difference) than if you were to trade the car or sell it, and you'll be giving back to society for a worthwhile cause.

One thing to remember when you donate a car in Redwood Estates CA or in any city, is that there are many charities that will receive your donation directly. The charity organization itself might receive automobiles and sell them (usually through auctions) or use the vehicles for transportation. Some of the more popular charities include American Red Cross, United Way, Humane Society, American Kidney Fund, Cancer Research Institute, SPCA, etc. There are also companies that specialize in charitable donations such as car donations and act as a middleman between the car owner and the organization.

A few tips when you donate a car: a) Never just give your car without verification that an organization is legitimate. b) Keep accurate records when transferring your car title - you'll want to document every step. c) Know the true book or trade-in value of your car before approaching the organization.

Ask an accountant in [statetitle] about how the donation will affect your taxes. Also, make sure the charity you choose when you donate a car is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charitable organization to ensure you can receive credit for your donation.

The listings here give you a running start to help everything go smoothly when you donate a car. With the right connections, you can receive maximum tax benefit and have peace of mind knowing your car donation will be beneficial to the charity you choose.