Colocation Hosting Services

Benefits of Colocation Hosting Services

Are you considering the advantages of various types of hosting for your Silex MO business? Shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers are the most common choices for small business websites, but colocation hosting services provide a number of important benefits you won't get with any of the other options. In fact, many [statetitle] retail, service, financial, high-tech and health care businesses choose colocation hosting services rather than other hosting options for some of these reasons.

7 Advantages of Colocation Hosting Services

The biggest advantage of colocation is access to multiple redundant, high-speed connections to Internet backbone networks. You have the same potential access you'd have with a dedicated T1 line at a fraction of the cost.

Data centers that offer colocation hosting services provide excellent protection against power outages and can guarantee that your website will have 99.99 percent uptime. In fact, you get all the benefits of a fully functioning data center without the associated costs.

You own the hardware when you use colocation hosting services. You don't have to wait for the hosting company to upgrade their servers when your website needs to grow. You can go into the facility and upgrade your equipment yourself.

You have complete control over the software installed on your server because you own it. You're not stuck using the set of software tools that the hosting service provides. You can buy any software you want and install it on your machines.

You don't have to worry about moving your equipment if your business moves when you use colocation hosting services. That reduces the risks and hazards associated with physically moving and reinstalling your equipment, as well as providing continuous uptime even during your move.

Companies that provide colocation hosting services in their data centers provide stellar physical security for your server in addition to the expected network security. Your collocated servers will be safe from unauthorized access, fire, natural disasters and physical intrusion.

Most colocation hosting services offer management for your hardware and software for an additional cost. This can be especially important if the colocation center is located far away from your Silex MO business, or you don't have in-house IT staff to do physical installation of hardware and software.

Colocation hosting services aren't the right choice for everyone, but they provide an important hosting option for enterprise level websites and web services in companies that prefer not to provide their own data centers and hosting.