Small Business Marketing Strategies

Five Small Business Marketing Strategies for Social Media

The best small business marketing strategies are those that are easy and inexpensive to implement and that donít take a lot of time to follow through. Social media marketing for small business meets the first two criteria, but a lot of small business marketing strategies for social media can be very time consuming to start up. Once you get the ball rolling on them, though, the best small business marketing strategies pick up a momentum of their own. These tips can help you use social media effectively as part of your Point Hope AK small business marketing strategies.

Set Up Social Media Accounts for Easy Branding

Set aside a couple of hours one evening or weekend afternoon to set up social media profiles on the major sharing sites. If you prepare ahead of time it wonít take a lot of time at all, especially now that nearly all the business/social sharing sites have similar looks and requirements.

Use the Same Name on All Sharing Sites

Consistency is vital to branding, one of the most important aspects of most small business marketing strategies. You want your customers to recognize you whether youíre on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest, so use your business name as your user name on each of those social sharing sites.

Use the Same Avatar and Cover Photo on All Sharing Sites

Using the same avatar on all sharing sites adds more consistency and helps with branding efforts. Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all allow you to post a ìcover photoî thatís essentially a header for your page. Use the same image, or a very similar one, on each of those pages ñ and reinforce it by using the same image as a header for your blog.

Link All of Your Profiles to Each Other

Make it easy for your customers and followers to link to all of your social media profiles by adding all the links to each profile. Donít forget to add the links to your website and blog as well.

Schedule Posting on Social Media

Scheduling is the key to managing social media small business marketing strategies. Build in 15-20 minutes two or three times a week to post to one or more of your social profiles. Share business promos, coupons and information that your customers will find valuable and theyíll stick around for more.

Go Local

Keep in mind that search engines are putting more and more reliance on local cues to target customers. When you post, make sure you include Point Hope AK or [statetitle] often to build a local presence for your business.

A business building marketing and advertising strategy for your small business should include online marketing and advertising.