Business Articles

Market Yourself with Business Articles

One of the major tenets of business marketing for professional entrepreneurs is establishing expertise. Nothing helps establish your business cred quite as firmly as publishing business articles with your name on them. Marketing yourself with business articles is pretty standard fare in online circles, but there are ways to use business articles to market yourself as a Shaver Lake CA professional in the offline world, too. These tips can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field in Shaver Lake CA or even in all of [statetitle].

Start a Professional Blog

Writing a blog is an easy way to start publishing your business articles and gaining readership. Make a point of using local terms and names in your posts so your articles turn up when people do local searches.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Business Articles

Create a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile if you donít have one already. Connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile and display your business articles where your contacts can read them. Use plugins to publish notifications to Facebook and Twitter whenever you publish a new blog post or article.

Offer to Write for the Local Newspaper

Contact community weekly newspapers and local business publications and offer to provide them with business articles or a weekly column in return for a byline. As your reputation grows, you may be able to turn your articles into a second income stream.

Submit Business Articles to Trade Publications

Write articles about your business, techniques, tips and other things of interest to people in your profession and submit your business articles to trade publications. Itís a good way to keep your name in front of your peers.

Get Professional Help

Remember that the business articles you publish will be the only way that many people know you. Take the extra step of having a professional editor go over them before you post or submit them so that youíre always putting your best foot forward.