Business Listings

Top Places to Post Free Business Listings

One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your South Willington CT business online is by posting your business to sites that allow free business listings. These pages generally have high readership and, more importantly, a lot of link value. If you run a South Willington CT restaurant, retail store, professional office or nearly any other local business, it's in your best interest to take the few minutes you'll need to put up your company profile at each of these business listings pages.

Google+ Pages

The business listings that once resided on Google Places have been transformed to Google+ Pages. Your business Google+ Local page lets you set up a slick profile and add enough information to qualify it as a satellite website for your business. In addition, businesses with Google+ Local pages are more likely to feature nifty snippets when they show up in a Google search, bringing more attention to your business.

Facebook Pages

Facebook continues to be a juggernaut despite all the attempts to somehow delegitimize the power of sharing. Business listings on Facebook take the form of Facebook Fan Pages, which allow you to set up a profile, add apps and run promotions. When customers Like your page, you get the benefit of being able to communicate with them directly via their Facebook profiles.

Formerly, provides local business listings in an easy-to-search format that's much closer to traditional business listings. Your business will be listed even if you donít ìclaimî it, but taking the time to set up your profile and add information will greatly increase your listing ís value and the results you get from it.


Yelp is quickly gaining a reputation as the most popular social review site for local business listings. As a business owner, you can create a free account to post photos, message your customers and track your statistics. Itís a first-stop for many locals looking for great local business.


Our very own local business directory is setting the trend as being the web's first social business directory for your community. Be sure to claim your business profile page as there are many advantages. These include a free interface that allows you to do all of your social posting from one convenient place. Upgrades allow you to place a link from your business profile page to your website.

The trick is to conform your business listings to the best practices for each site so that you get the most of what that site does best. If you donít have the time or the know-how to create your own business listings for these sites, there are many [statetitle] business advertising agencies that can get you set up.