Marketing Small Business

Tips for Marketing Small Business Retail Operations

When it comes to marketing, small business retail operations face a number of challenges and disadvantages. If you own a small Cavalier ND retail business, youíre up against the big chain stores with their deep marketing pockets. If you want to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you have to show creativity and take full advantage of one benefit that [statetitle] chain stores don't have in marketing: small business relationships. These tips can help you with marketing your homegrown, local Cavalier ND retail store.

Cultivate Relationships

Relationship is the new buzzword in marketing small business operations ñ but the concept is what all marketing is about. When it comes to building relationships, though, small, local businesses have a huge advantage over the big national chains. You ARE local. You know the people in your town in ways that no big chain store can possibly know them. Reach out to local organizations, businesses and individuals personally and watch the relationships grow.

Use Social Media Well

You donít have to learn all the rules of social media marketing. Small business owners are masters of social marketing already you just have to translate what you already know to a different platform. Use a Twitter account with your business name and tweet local news and information of interest remembering to use the city or neighborhood name as a hash tag. Wish customers a happy birthday via Twitter, send out tweets with today's manager's special and congratulate the local high school football team on their win. The value of this kind of relationship building canít be measured, but youíll feel the difference it makes.

Localize Your Website

Google is finally wising up when it comes to marketing small business owners in retail. Starting early this year, Google offers local retail results when people search for general terms. Optimize your website for local search and your small store will come up ahead of many big retailers when local customers search for Christmas toys, used cars and many other generic products your store might carry.

Given just a little time and effort, marketing small business retailers online will really pay off. Take the time and watch your sales take off.