Alcohol Rehab Center

Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol addiction is devastating to both the individual and his or her family. It can lead to the loss of a job, the breakdown of a marriage, and even the loss of life. Entering an alcohol rehab center - whether in Juno Beach FL or anywhere else - is a huge commitment of time, energy, and financial resources. If you're in the unenviable position of trying to find an alcohol rehab center in [statetitle] for a loved one, you may have a difficult time choosing the right one. Here's a guide to what to look for:

Services provided: An alcohol rehab center may offer one or more of several treatments. It may, for example, offer detox, which involves an initial inpatient treatment of a week or more. It could offer residential treatment, which typically lasts from three to six weeks. An alcohol rehab center could also offer outpatient groups and counseling sessions, either as part of a part-time program or as part of an aftercare program.

Approaches used: An alcohol rehab center may approach treatment in one of several ways, or use a combination of approaches. Although most people associate treatment with Alcoholics Anonymous' 12-step program, most alcohol rehab centers take a multifaceted approach. For example, alcoholism is often a symptom of a traumatic life event or an underlying mental illness, such as clinical depression that causes the drinker to self-medicate, so it's common to provide individual and group therapy to the patient. An alcohol rehab center may take a cognitive therapy approach to treatment, or may augment treatment with pharmaceuticals.

Philosophical focus: There are more than 10,000 rehab centers in the U.S., including those in Juno Beach FL. They each have a different philosophical focus. For example, one may ground its treatment in the AA approach, while another may have a Bible-based philosophy. Still others emphasize holistic recovery, alternative medicine, or family counseling.

There is no single "right" or "best" alcohol rehab center. For that reason, it's important to focus on an alcohol treatment program that's a good fit for your loved one, and to be aware of the differences between the services and approaches that treatment centers offer.