MBA Finance

What Can You Do with an MBA Finance Degree?

According to statistics from many of the country's biggest schools, MBA finance degrees are among the most-wanted degrees in the country. A Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in finance prepares you to compete in a number of important and growing professions and industries. Who should be considering an MBA finance degree? Anyone who'd like an executive or middle management job in the financial sector would benefit from having an MBA with a concentration in Finance, but these three professions MBA finance positions are especially attractive for those in the Woodberry Forest VA area.

Financial Manager

Financial managers oversee management and investment activities for a business and help the companies meet their fiscal objectives. They may help raise capital, handle mergers and acquisitions and evaluate global financial transactions. Financial managers are in high demand among many [statetitle] businesses. Here are the facts:

* Education: Graduates of an MBA Finance program will have the best prospects for getting a job as a financial manager.
* Employment Outlook and Prospective Earnings: The median annual salary for finance managers in 2010 was $103,910, and the job outlook for the profession projects employment growth of eight percent from 2008 to 2018.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers help organizations, businesses and government agencies raise capital and provide advice about mergers, acquisitions and other financial business transactions. You may work for a bank, an investment company or as an independent consultant. Here's what you need to know:

* Education: These positions usually require at least an MBA, but many Woodberry Forest VA employers prefer an MBA finance degree.
* Employment Outlook and Prospective Earnings: The earnings potential for investment bankers varies widely with a base of about $100,000 but can range into the millions. These MBA finance jobs are expected to increase about 12 percent between now and 2018.

Investment Fund Manager

In this profession, you'll provide financial advice and help people decide where to invest their money for the best return. Here are the details of this profession:

* Education: Most fund management companies look for graduates with an MBA finance degree for fund manager positions.
* Employment Outlook and Prospective Earnings: This is a high demand position with growth expected to be at least 12 percent between now and 2018. The median annual salary in 2011 was $134,797 but bonuses can bring that salary expectation much higher.

An MBA finance degree opens the door to many high-paying, in-demand positions and is an educational path worth considering.