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Q. Why UPGRADE to a Featured Business on Our Directory?

A: You get all other competitor ads removed from your business page, also you get a direct "dofollow" link to your website, and your business is featured in your city and surrounding community. Additionally, you need to UPGRADE because to take advantage of the TOP search engine results

Trend Setting Social Reputation Aggregator

Monitor, manage, and unify all your social communications from one easy-to-use social management interface. Our dashboard allows you to monitor, post, and respond to other social references about your company on Twitter, Facebook and other areas of the internet. With our interface you can be aware of an issue before it becomes a problem. You can control your social feed easier and improve your company's reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Why should I pay to Upgrade and become Featured when the Free version has no monthly fee?
    Upgraded Businesses and Featured Profiles get 5-10 times more customers, leads & referrals than generic free profiles. There are dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of businesses in your area in our directory. If you don't stand out, it's more likely that one of your competitors will be chosen. Also, UPGRADED and Featured Profiles are search optimized by our expert team to come up higher in the search engines. Additionally, free profile pages will have competing business advertisements right on their business page. If customers are arriving at your business profile page, do you want them to go to your competition? Additionally, UPGRADED business profiles allows you to place a direct "do follow" link to your website. Bottom line: UPGRADED and Featured = Much Better Results, Guaranteed!

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  2. What do I get as a Featured Business and what is the difference between FREE and Upgraded / Featured?
    Simply put, an Upgraded or Featured Profile results in more customers, leads, and referrals to your business or practice and gets you a lot more exposure in the search engines from our directory's 600,000+ monthly visitors. Your business page is featured on top of your category's page for your city and surrounding community. Upgraded business profiles also have a direct "do follow" link to your website. Additionally all competing ads are removed from your Upgraded profile page. Our team of experts also work to optimize claimed profiles even more to secure the very top's of important search engines. All of this results in more leads, customers, and referrals to your practice or business.

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  3. Do you guarantee results?
    If you're not happy with the results within 30 days, you can cancel and receive a full refund. We know that some of these types of services don't work and it's understandable for some people to be skeptical. Our directory is different because we receive 600,000+ visitors per month from search engines who are looking for local businesses. Businesses just like yours. Also, we're experts at search engine optimization. We get proven results, that's why even with a 30-day guarantee less than 1% of our customers ever ask for their money back.

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  4. I've tried many of these services and most of them don't get results. How do I know I'll get results with your directory?
    Becoming an Upgraded Business is risk free. If it doesn't work we'll refund your money within 30 days. It's that simple. We can only afford to offer this because our program DOES works. We'll guarantee exposure, business leads, and referrals from the search engines. Many of the smaller "directories" or "referral services" out there cannot stand behind their product like we can. If you give it a shot, you have more business to gain and nothing to lose.

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  5. Is there a contract with the Upgraded Business Profile?
    There is no contract. Your membership is month-to-month. You can cancel at any time.

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  6. I don't remember signing up with you. How did you get my information?
    We gather and organizes information about Business from a variety of PUBLIC SOURCES including the U.S. Secretary of State office. We then clean and present that information in a useful way that helps users and consumers to connect with a business in their local area. Our directory has nearly all the Businesses, service providers, and facilities in the United States, currently around 20+ million listings. To be listed in our directory has no monthy cost and provides value to both users/consumers and businesses by connecting people with the business services they are seeking in their local area.

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  7. Why isn't my picture or website link showing?
    You may upload your pictures from the Member's area. You must have an UPGRADED business profile to allow your website link to appear. When you claim your profile, UPGRADE to get those features and more included for your business. These additional UPGRADED customized features include REMOVAL of all competitive ads, allowing you to add a direct "do follow" link to your site, having your business page featured in your city and surrounding area. These additional features are designed to generate more sales, referrals and exposure on the web.

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