Plus size womens sweaters

How to Choose Fabulously Sexy Plus Size Women's Sweaters

The age of dowdy plus size women's sweaters is over. Women in Pico Rivera CA are learning what curvy women all over the world have known for generations: curvy women can pull off a sweater like no one else in the world. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, beautiful, curvy, plus-size women ruled the movie screens and the pages of the pin-up magazines. Every guy in the country wanted to date one, and every woman in the country wanted to be one.

If you've been longing for those Sweater Girl days, hold onto your hat - they're back! After decades of relegating plus size women's sweaters to dowdy, dull and shapeless sacks meant to hide those glorious curves, manufacturers are finally starting to get it again. If you hit the local Pico Rivera CA malls, you'll find that this season, they're serving up some fabulously sexy plus size women's sweaters.

Does the thought of showing off what you've been covering up for years scare you? Take a deep breath and keep reading for tips on choosing flattering plus size women's sweaters.

Banish "Slimming" from Your Fashion Vocabulary

Curvaceous women have been laboring under the tyranny of "slimming" designs for decades. They know all the so-called rules: avoid clingy fabrics and horizontal stripes, small prints and sweaters with fussy details. Well, the first rule of choosing flattering plus size women's sweaters is to throw out all the rules. They don't apply any more. You're not going to hide those curves, girl. It's time to flaunt them.

Choose Plus Size Women's Sweaters with "Drape"

Clothing that drapes well emphasizes your curves without displaying bulges or other unattractive details. Flattering plus size women's sweaters don't hang there stiffly and they don't outline every dimple and dot on your body. Not sure about whether that sweater you're considering drapes? Hold it by the shoulders and flutter it in the air. A sweater that has the right drape will move smoothly and outline curves in the air.

Wear Your Colors Proudly

Put away the dowdy black, brown and navy blue sweaters. Colors are sexy, and so are you. You deserve to wear colors that make you look and feel fabulously, wonderfully sexy. Love raspberry and teal? Feel alive in fire engine red? Does bittersweet orange make your pulse flutter? You'll find fabulously sexy plus size women's sweaters in all of those colors and more.

It's time for you to come out of your dowdy shell, [statetitle] girl. Stock your closet with sexy, colorful, soft plus size women's sweaters and show off your gorgeous curves.