Business Grants

How to Write and Win Business Grants

Many small business owners in the South Boardman MI area may be able to take advantage of business grants provided by federal and state government, as well as business grants provided by private corporations. Finding and winning those grants, however, takes time and a lot of attention to detail. These steps can help you find, write and win business grants for your small business.

Where to Look for Business Grants

One of the first places to look for business grants is on the government website, Check the [statetitle] government website for any grants for which your business may be eligible, and contact the local chapter of the Small Business Administration and SCORE. Drop in to the South Boardman MI economic development office to find out if there are business grants or incentives available on the basis of community, need or your businessí mission.

Look Beyond Public Funding

Private foundations frequently provide business grants for businesses that advance a cause in which they have an interest or serve a population thatís important to them. In addition, over the past few years, it has become very popular for credit card companies and insurance companies to provide grants to support and encourage small businesses.

Hire a Grant Writer to Write Boilerplate

If you're planning to apply for multiple business grants, save yourself some time and enhance your chances by hiring a professional grant writer to create pieces that will be required for nearly any grant for which you apply. A professionally written history of your company, a statement of need and bios of all the principals will give you a jump start on writing applications for business grants.

Tailor Your Grant Proposal

Read each grant application and requirement package carefully. Many business grants are denied simply because the applicant failed to follow the instructions completely. Tailor each grant application just as you would a job resume, tweaking the boilerplate to show how your business is relevant to the requirements and aims of the grant being offered.
Pursuing business grants can take a lot of time and effort that you could be focusing on your business. Many grant writers will work on commission for a percentage of the money they bring in for your business. If youíre uncertain of your writing ability, consider hiring a professional writer to deal with the entire process of finding and applying for business grants.