RAID Disk Recovery

DIY RAID Disk Recovery Is Always a Bad Idea

Should you attempt to recover data from RAID disk array on your own? Absolutely not, say RAID disk recovery experts. More often than not, DIY attempts at RAID disk recovery compromise the disk or the data so badly that even experienced technicians can't recover your files and information from the disk.

RAID Disk Recovery Process

A RAID disk may fail in one of three basic ways: logical corruption, physical damage to the disk or a combination of the two. One of the first steps in the RAID disk recovery process is to determine whether the RAID has suffered physical damage, logical corruption or both. The exact RAID disk recovery process depends upon what caused the data loss in the first place.

If there is no physical damage to the drive, RAID disk recovery engineers will generally attempt to make a backup or raw image of each drive in the array onto fresh storage media and use various software and hardware tools to destripe the array and recover the data.

If the drive is physically damaged, the process of RAID disk recovery is more complicated. A professional service will open the drive in a clean room and remove the physical disks, then take a raw image of each drive and attempt to recover and reconstruct the data contained on each one.

Why DIY RAID Disk Recovery Is a Bad Idea

Attempts to recover data from a crashed RAID drive frequently worsens the damage and makes it nearly impossible for even the most experienced RAID disk recovery specialists to recover anything at all. Recovering data from a crashed RAID drive is a job for professionals who have access to proprietary software and hardware, as well as clean room conditions for working on crashed drives.

If your data is important enough to be stored on RAID drives, it's important enough to always use a professional RAID disk recovery service. Don't risk your important data. Call in professionals to recover data if your RAID drives go bad. There are a number of highly qualified skilled professionals working in Conrad IA and throughout the state of [statetitle]. Call in a professional ConradIA RAID disk recovery specialist to handle your sensitive job.