RAID Data Recovery

How to Choose a RAID Data Recovery Service

The best time to choose a RAID data recovery service is before you need one. In an ideal world, the best time to research and choose a RAID data recovery company is when your business is putting together a risk management plan for the IT department. Of course, in an ideal world, you'd never need RAID data recovery services. If you're looking for someone to recover the data on a failed RAID server and you don't have time to do weeks of research to find the best data recovery service in the South Wellfleet MA area, these tips can help you do some quick and dirty research to find a good RAID data recovery service in the area.

Collect a List of RAID Data Recovery Companies

A random web search will turn up dozens of companies who do RAID data recovery in South Wellfleet MA, and they'll all tell you that they're the best in the business. Put together a list of services with a website that looks professional and well-maintained. You want to use a RAID data recovery service that cares enough about its image and reputation to make sure it looks good. If they don't care enough to spend money on their online presence, you have to wonder what other corners they might be cutting.

Ask About the Availability of a Clean Room

If your hard drives need to be opened, it's vital that they be opened in a professionally maintained clean room. If the RAID data recovery service can't assure you that they have an onsite clean room, thank them politely and move on to another business. Don't just take the vendor's word for it. Ask for pictures of the facility or request a tour to see for yourself.

Ask About Data Confidentiality Protection

A professional RAID data recovery service should have procedures in place to guarantee the confidentiality of the data on your drive. At a minimum, all employees and contractors should have signed a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. They should also have procedures in place to prevent accidental disclosure.

Reputation Is Important

Ask around among IT professionals and do an online search to find out about the reputations of the RAID data recovery services you're considering. Check with the [statetitle] Better Business Bureau as well to learn about any complaints the company has accrued.

Price should always be one of your lesser considerations, especially in an emergency situation when you're looking for a rush job. In many cases, though, you can work out an excellent deal if you choose a good RAID data recovery company well before you encounter any problems and pay for a service contract as insurance against problems.