Drug rehab

Drug Rehab: Getting Your Teen the Help He Needs

There are few things more heartbreaking than having a teenager who is addicted to drugs. The baby that you nurtured, the toddler that you delighted in, the child that ran home from school into your waiting arms is seemingly gone. In his place is an angry and withdrawn teenager who does poorly in school and has likely had run-ins with the law. Every parent has a dream for his children. Sometimes it may seem that your dream has turned into a nightmare.

Yet there's hope, and it's called drug rehab. The experience of watching your teenager enter drug rehab in Lookout WV is bittersweet: bitter because of the broken dreams and promises you have endured, and sweet because you're helping your teenager get the help he needs. Nevertheless, you may still have lingering questions about what he will endure during drug rehab in Lookout WV.

In a residence treatment program in [statetitle], your teen will likely first enter into a detoxification program. A variety of tools (including medications) will be used to help ease his pain and his cravings. Typically, detoxification takes between three and five days.

After detoxification, the drug rehab professionals will create a treatment plan. Typically, a drug rehab treatment plan includes individual therapy as well as group sessions. With teens, the drug rehab team will likely keep in fairly close contact with you, and will talk with you about the issues that might have led to the addiction.

Even after your teen leaves the inpatient drug rehab program, he will likely continue as an outpatient. This continuity of care will help him continue to work on the coping skills he needs to face the world and to get the support he needs to resist temptation. Throughout the process, and with your love, he will begin to reignite his passion for activities other than drugs, and regain his childhood dreams.